Project: Certification


Structured Cabling Certification Program

Panduit, Inc.

Tools Used:
Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, InDesign

Panduit offers a certification program for cabling contractors. I was tasked with updating the program, which consisted of a series of online pre-requisite courses, a one day instructor-led training and a hands-on assessment, and removing the pre-requisites.

After reviewing the existing program and conducting a learner analysis, I found the following: (1) most of the content in the pre-requisite courses was duplicated in the instructor-led training, (2) some of the pre-requisite content was unnecessary because of the learners' prior knowledge, and (3) some of the content in the instructor-led training was duplicated within sections.

I was able to combine the content into a one-day instructor-led training and streamline the content to remove the duplicated content. I used enhanced images and graphics to bring the course to life, created a student guide and facilitator guide to accompany the course and added an exam to cover the knowledge not assessed in the hands-on assessment. The course was very well received by the project stakeholders, instructors and learners.