Project: STEM Activity


K-12 STEM Activity

Learning Systems Institute

Tools Used:
Illustrator, InDesign, HTML, CSS

MyStemKits develops 3D printed manipulatives for teachers and students. The Learning Systems Institute has partnered with them to develop curriculum for each 3D printed kit. I was asked to develop printable and online prototypes for self-guided instruction so that students could complete the activities on their own. The print version which was developed using InDesign and the graphics were developed using Illustrator. My biggest challenge was bringing the information to life so I used images and scenarios to motivate students and help them visualize the concepts being presented.

The web-based version was developed using Bootstrap, HTML and CSS. The client wanted a template that made it easy for individuals with limited coding experience to develop these resources so I created a Dreamweaver template that only allowed the developer to make edits within the main content area.