Assessment Interface


Assessment Interface

U.S. Coast Guard

Tools Used:
Photoshop, QuestionMark

I was tasked by the Coast Guard to help rebuild all of the training center’s existing assessments in QuestionMark. While building the assessments, we realized that the interface was not very intuitive or visually appealing so I developed a prototype for the interface. I researched the capabilities and limitations of the QuestionMark templates and built the prototype using the QuestionMark specifications. In the prototype, the navigation is consistently located on the left side of the screen although the information above it changes. The prototype was developed in Photoshop.

In the question page of the prototype, users are able to see their progress by looking at the bar along the top and/or the assessment navigator on the left. Most of the assessments allow them to navigate freely through the assessment and “flag” questions that they would like to save for later. Even though the questions are randomized, users can report issues or concerns with a specific question using the unique question ID located above the question.